French Furniture for your Home

French furniture can transform any room of your home in an instant.

We particularly love the French Baroque style and this distinctive and ornate style is rooted in European art and culture.  The Baroque period dates from the 17th century and it was actually the Italians who indulged in the drama and grandeur of Baroque art in their paintings and sculptures.  French furniture taps into the same exquisite flourishes and elaborate detail featured in Baroque art.

It’s really not that surprising that today’s interior designers embrace French furniture in all its glory to add some elegant chic to a room.  Whether this is through ornate mirrors or gorgeous candlesticks, or Baroque French furniture such an armchair or dressing table, each piece can make a real style statement.

French furniture can add a touch of grandeur and individuality to a room – it takes just one carefully chosen chair, lamp or chandelier to create an impact.  If you are looking for furniture to really inject a sense of complexity, depth and style, invest in a piece of French furniture and really set your home apart from the rest.

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