Rustic Furniture for your Garden this Summer

If you are thinking about a new look for your garden this Summer, you’ll probably be surprised to find that a few well-chosen touches can go a very long way in creating the atmosphere and style you were after.  You really don’t need to hire a landscaper, or get hubby out there digging a pond every weekend; you just need to add a few key pieces of furniture to get the look you’re after (and hubby will be a lot happier too!)

When it comes to choosing garden furniture, you first need to decide on an overall style you are aiming for in your garden.  One of the most popular choice at the moment is to opt for a traditional look and go for some rustic furniture.  Rustic furniture will give your garden that casual and relaxed look, channelling the effortless elegance of English Country living.

To give you a few ideas of what to look for to accompany your rustic furniture…

Vintage ceramics are always a winner!  From birdbaths and planters to decorative vases and sundials – it all looks great as accents to your rustic furniture.

Benches are a great alternative to formal outdoor seating arrangements.  Our favourites are the romantic love seat benches!

Don’t forget about the lighting.  Opt for lanterns in a variety of shapes and colours, or candles for a more intimate feel.  Make your own with old jam jars or vases which aren’t used indoors any more.

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