The Orchard…French Style!

Have you always wanted to adorn your home with the perfect furniture?  Then it’s time to think across the Channel and go bit French!

French furniture is becoming more and more popular over here and we are becoming inspired by the classic French elegance.  This unique style of furniture is the choice for many who want their homes to epitomise French chic in an individual way.

With French furniture you can transform your home and recreate a timeless French style of your very own.  And it isn’t just for grand mansions either – French furniture can complement any style of house, both modern and traditional.

So, whether you opt for Bergere or Gold Gilt inspired French furniture, you can make your home something really special with just a few key pieces.  For a great selection of reproduction French furniture, visit The Orchard Home and Gifts.  All items have a completely unique style and are finished to the highest quality.

Make sure you visit us today and see what you can find.

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