Paint Your Furniture and give it a New Lease Of Life

Painted furniture can really add that something special to a room.

Painted furniture can be done in many different ways, and a very popular style is to create a distressed finish on an item to give it an antique look.  You can do this by applying a complete coat of paint and then using tools to scratch away panels where natural wear and tear would occur (corners, etc).  If you aren’t too keen on the idea of distressing a brand new piece of furniture, then you can always buy second-hand and give something a new lease of life with a couple of coats of paint.  Some people also choose to have larger pieces of painted furniture in plain white, or pastel shades for a lovely subtle effect. This is a sleeker style choice with clean lines and block colours.

You can have painted furniture anywhere in the home and even paint your doors to match the new items with any leftover paint that you may have.

Whatever you decide to do with your pot of paint, a piece of newly painted furniture can really brighten up the room with and lift the whole feel of your home.

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