Styles of Rustic Furniture

Here at The Orchard, we love our rustic furniture!  But rustic furniture can take many forms:

Rustic French Furniture
This incorporates French country furniture, Parisian furniture, and furniture inspired by the French Royal Family.  Styles range from rustic country pieces to sophisticated opulent items made for the bourgeoisie.

Rustic Charm Furniture
This has a definite shabby look to it – pre-loved pieces with a bit of wear and tear.  It’s new, but made to look old, perfect for those of you who don’t like that matchy-matchy look to your homes.

Contemporary Classic with a Rustic Twist
A little bit bohemian, with a touch of elegance.  For those of you who like smart pieces with smooth finishes but love that twist with an ornate handle or a rustic embellishment.

Vintage and Rustic
Think lace detailing, worn wood and pieces of furniture that look like they’ve been handed down through the generations.  If you would take anyone and anything into your home, then go rustic with a vintage twang!

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