French Furniture for your Home

French furniture is a great way to achieve classic French style in any room in your home.

In your bedroom French furniture demonstrates a sense of luxury and extravagance – ever wondered why the French word ‘boudoir’ sounds so much more glamorous than the standard British ‘bedroom’?  For the bedroom, look at pieces such as dressing tables, bedside tables and even a chaise for you to lounge on at the end of a stressy day.  For your kitchen, think about dressers, ornate dining tables and French-style islands which will give your home that French twist.

If you can’t afford the real deal, there are some great pieces of reproduction French furniture available which mean you don’t have to re-mortgage to get that classic French look.  The Orchard have a great range of reproduction French furniture available, featuring a wide selection of styles – from the elegance of the French Bergère era to the French Provincial style featuring Louis-Philippe embellishments.

So, take a look online today and see what you can pick up for a fraction of the price.

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