Painted Furniture the DIY Way

Many of us have some old pieces of furniture lying about – perhaps in the garage, loft, or under a pile of stuff in the corner of the room.  What once used to fit the room may no longer do so if you have changed the decor and updated the room.  The great thing about most wooden furniture though is that is can be given a new lease of life with a lick of paint, and painted furniture is making a real comeback at the moment.

The great thing about painted furniture is the variety of colours – if they sell it in your local home decorating store, you can have it; even using a colour matching service to get the perfect shade that you are looking for.

What’s really important though is that you prepare your wooden furniture properly beforehand so that it can take the new life you are about the bestow onto it.  If it’s been out in the garage for a while, make sure that you bring it inside for a few days or weeks so that the damp is removed from the wood.  Thoroughly clean the piece of furniture and then roughly sand it all over so that any loose wood and dirt is removed.  Once this is done, score it all over with a tool so that the paint will stick to it easier.  After this, it is simply a case of applying the paint (3 coats should do it) making sure that it dries well between each coat.

Painted furniture really is an easy way to bring your room scheme together so get digging out that old furniture now!

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