The Orchard does Shabby Chic in your kitchen

Many consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home, but are you as crazy about your kitchen?  If not then it’s time to make some changes and get to grips with shabby chic in your kitchen.

Kitchens are no longer the place where you spend half an hour a day bunging something in the oven – okay, so we all have the odd day like that when we finish work late, or the kids have to be driven about, or you simply don;t have the energy!  But, in general, people are using their kitchens for so much more.  Kitchens have become the place to socialise, entertain friends, for children to do their homework, for special cakes to be baked, romantic dinners for two, culinary experiments you’d rather forget and a general meeting place for the family to catch up.  As open plan living makes a comeback this year, more homeowners are choosing to incorporate their living space into their kitchen space. Even with a small kitchen, the chances are that it’s still a place where family and friends choose to gather.

A shabby chic look fits just perfectly with the nature of the kitchens – that homely feel; warm and lived-in.  Shabby chic turns kitchens into places that you want to spend time in.  It embraces kitchens as a vibrant, functional space, brimming both with people and stuff!

The Orchard have a whole range of shabby chic kitchen furniture and accessories and very reasonable prices.  Whether you have a small or a large kitchen, you can always add some charm and character with a few key furniture pieces or accessories.

The aim is to make your kitchen a really special place to be – and shabby chic in the kitchen is made easy by The Orchard.

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