Rustic Furniture + December = The Perfect Old Fashioned Christmas

Feeling like to have to abandon your love of shabby chic in favour of brightly decorated red baubles and gaudy, glittery tinsel for Christmas?  Fear not!  We say that you can still have a bit of old-style charm at this time of year and go all vintage and gorgeous, in keeping with some of the lovely rustic furniture that is around at the moment.

Complement this lovely rustic furniture with some homemade decorations (or one’s which you’ve bought and passed off as your own!)  Gorgeous fabric decorations hanging from the tree and a felt advent cone calendar resting nicely on the fireplace is my idea of heaven!  You can also use bunting instead of tinsel – much prettier and more expensive looking that the cheap and nasty scratchy tinsel.

Get the kids involved too and help them to put their own very unique stamp on gifts and home wares with some homemade gifts and gift tags.  Join us in our crusade to keep rustic and chic at Christmas time!

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