Get Painting!

Being a fan of vintage and shabby chic, I moved into a new-build house some years ago with trepidation.  As much as I longed for something old and rustic with bags of charm, I couldn’t argue with the simplicity of moving halfway across the country with no property chain and a blank canvas.  I had not, however, prepared myself for the banister woodwork which was a funny shade of orange.  The brochure said ‘pine’ but I beg to differ.

Anyway, life carried on but on an almost daily basis I curse the orange spindles – of which there seemed to be hundreds.  That is, until this Summer when hubby popped out to golf and I took a sledgehammer and demolished the lot in under an hour.  Not my finest moment when aforementioned hubby returned home to orange splinters galore and the danger of being killed on the ‘dangerous descent with no safety bar’.  The kids however promptly started flinging themselves from a great height and declared it the best house they’d ever lived in.

So, after wiping out the enemy, I went a bought a tin of paint and transformed my modern stairwell into something which is a little more rustic and differs from the norm.  Yes, painted furniture has now become a love of mine and I regularly transform something quite boring into a work of art.  There’s a joke in my house: if you sit still long enough, you might get Dulux-ed!

From my off-white staircase to some brightly painted furniture in the kid’s rooms, a lick of paint really can transform a room.  If you can’t be bothered to do it yourself, painted furniture is making a comeback and is making an appearance in home deco stores across the country.  Get with the trend and get painting!

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