Reproduction French Furniture

Key features to look out for in finding your latest piece.

Any items featuring gold-leaf detailing is a bonus if you can find it.  Usually something using this style of detailing and type of material will be slightly higher in price but it does give a great finish.

Aged or distressed finishes are a must-have.  This will give the piece of reproduction French furniture its character and ensure it looks homely and loved.

Any hand-finished detailing of beads and fabrics and embellishments is worth having.  It means that the piece has had time and effort put into it and will almost certainly be a one-off as no two pieces will turn out exactly the same when it is hand finished.

Metallic handles or miss-matched handles can make a piece stand out.  There are many different handles available so you need to make sure that the overall look that it creates flows, rather than just picking some random handles and sticking them on!

Any painted items should be in either: antique white, burnished gold, matt black or a mahogany finish.  Don’t worry about looking for anything which is too perfect.  Also remember that laminate and light woods are a no-no.

If you can find any silk fabrics, these are very luxurious – a real find if you come across a piece which has some in its detailing.  More commonly used as a detailing tool on things such as dressers and stools, an accent of silk can really set off a piece and make it stand out in your room.

Hand-carvings and intricate detailing should be obvious on a piece of reproduction French furniture.  This is especially true of the detail added to dining tables and oversized mirrors.

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