A Warm Welcome to Shabby Chic

Welcome to the world of shabby chic design – with its crisp and chic wallpaper shades thrown together with a marriage of patterns, stripes and spots!

In the world of shabby chic it’s a bonus to be a little mis-matched and unorthodox; yet staying true to the principle of surrounding yourself with all things pretty.  There’s no need to stick to ultra-clean lines and glossy chrome accessories as the shabby chic look is all about the slightly flawed and well-loved look.

In furniture, this design idea follows right through with worn looking sets of drawers and vintage tables and dressers.  Think along the lines of something having a somewhat sentimental look to it – as if it’s been in the family for generations when, in fact, you acquired it recently.  Style ideas to think about include items of furniture with faded painted corners or anything which has a vintage feel to it.

There are various ways to source shabby chic furniture and you can often pick something up at a local market or boot sale.  Auction houses can be a great source too and you may be able to pick up a bargain there.  Don’t be put off by any pieces which may be missing a handle or wheel because things like that can be easily replaced at a later date.  You don’t have to worry about finding exactly the right matching replacement either as the shabby chic look is all about bespoke detailing so different coloured handles will only add to the look.

Make sure that your new piece of shabby chic furniture reflects your personality – don’t buy something unless you absolutely love it to bits.  Start trawling those charity shops and markets today and see what you can pick up!

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