Anyone thinking about Christmas yet???

Abandoning your love of shabby chic in the run up to Christmas in favour of brightly decorated red baubles and gaudy, glittery tinsel need not be an inevitable event.  You can still indulge your passion for French Shabby Chic over the festive period with era-appropriate decorations.

Make your own decorations (or buy and pass off as your own!) in gorgeous fabric designs to add a touch of that rustic charm to your Christmas tree or fireplace.  Use bunting instead of tinsel as this will make your home stand out and a tablecloth in pretty plaid rather than the standard red and green will set your table up for one of the most important celebratory meals of the year.

Don’t simply consider the decor either – think about giving a French shabby chic gift to your loved ones.  Many are available to choose from or you can make your own if you have the time and the creativity.  Nothing beats a wonderful homemade gift at any time of the year.  If larger, more intricate items are not on the agenda then something as simple as a homemade chutney with a beautiful fabric cover will look great as part of a hamper.  If you don’t have the knowledge to start something from scratch, you can always buy a brand new wooden photo frame and give it a distressed or ornate finish to make it unique.

You can also get the children involved to put their own very unique stamp on gifts and home wares and you will end up with unique decorations and gifts which will be appreciate by all recipients during the Festive period.

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