Furnish your home the eco-way.

Purchasing pieces of reclaimed wood furniture is an eco-aware way to furnish your home.  When the bare wood is sculpted and manipulated by a trained craftsman, it can produce a piece of furniture not unlike a work of art; creating a wonderful focal point in any room of your home.

Each individual piece of reclaimed wood furniture will be made from wood anywhere up to hundreds of years old, so it’s a piece of history in itself.  The dents, marks, holes or scuffs all add to the charm of owning a piece of reclaimed wood furniture.  These blemishes are not altered by artificial fillers as it is important that the wood is left in its original state.  This has the knock-on effect of the piece changing in appearance over time, depending on what you use it for – a reclaimed wood sideboard will gain scratches and dents made by keys, ornaments and whatever else you decide to throw on the side as you walk through the front door.  A bedside table will bear the marks of reading glasses, bedside lamps and ring marks from a glass of water for the night.  A piece of natural furniture is truly striking in its design and The Orchard Home and Gifts has many examples of this online.  They have in the range a ‘Heart Hall Storage Bench’ which is ideal for boots, bags and umbrellas that usually lie abandoned in the hallway.  They also have a good collection of reclaimed wooden photo frames at very reasonable prices.

Due to the fact that a piece of reclaimed wood furniture is never mass produced, you can count on having a completely individual look in your home which will last you for years to come.

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