Ladders aren’t just for climbing…

Why is it that there never seems to be enough storage in a house, especially when you have a growing family.  Never is it more true than in a smaller room such as a bathroom.  With usually two sets of toiletries and room for all of kid’s bubble bath and bath toys, space can run out very quickly.  Some of the more bulky items are towels and robes – again, in a family home this can mean a lot of them.  If you choose to stack yours in a pile they can take up a lot of room and if you put them away in a cupboard it means they aren’t always to hand.  The Orchard Home and Gifts have a fantastic solution in their range of shabby chic furniture in the form of a beautiful wooden towel ladder.

This unusual statement piece of furniture is just lovely in its simple design and, painted in white, would suit any room with ease.  If you are looking for something a bit bolder, the towel ladder can also be painted to match a current colour scheme in your home.  The ladder is 163cm tall – large enough to fit a whole family size amount of towels and bathrobes, but it doesn’t take up that precious bathroom space.  You can also use it in a bedroom as a clothes rail, saving a bit of space and making a feature of this lovely piece of shabby chic furniture.  The unit can be screwed into the wall for added safety and all fixings are supplied with the ladder.

So, purchase this great space-saving piece of furniture today and it will give you a little bit more shelf-space so you can treat yourself with lots of lovely new bath products!

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