Autumn is almost here!

If you own a plastic garden furniture set, maintenance is kept simple and the most that it will need is a good wipe down with a damp cloth to take off any residue.  During Autumn, it’s a good idea to pack away plastic furniture if possible and store in a garage or garden shed over the colder months as plastic can still be prone to damage against the elements and cracking can occur with sudden temperature changes.  If storage is an issue, it may be worth investing in outdoor furniture covers which are available from most homeware stores.  If you own wooden furniture, it will still need a bit of a clean every once in a while and a coat of protective varnish will do wonders to restore it to its original glory.  Again, store away if possible or under a protective cover – ensuring that the covers are securely fastened so that they don’t blow away in a gale!

Once your garden furniture is secure is taken care of at the end of the pleasant weather period, it will be time to give the grass a final once over with the lawnmower.  Don’t forget to get rid of any weeds and generally have a good tidy up of the garden area.  Keep everything organised so that you have easy access to your bulbs if you intend to plant any over the Autumn and Winter ready for the following Spring and always keep the broom handy for falling leaves once Autumn hits.  Stay on top of your garden through the seasons and it will seem like a lot less work throughout the year.

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