Step-by-step Guide: The Shabby Chic Photo Frame

Here is your step-by-step guide to creating a beautiful and unique shabby chic photo frame:

First you need to get hold of a wooden photo frame, preferably bare wood which has not been varnished or painted beforehand (try your local craft supply and homeware stores).

If the frame has already been painted or has a decorative varnish on it you will need to sand it down first.  You then need to then paint your frame in the colour that you would like to be the main colour for this project.

Once the paint is dry, it’s up to you how you want to add a shabby chic look.  One idea is to use a crackle-effect paint over the top of your base colour to give an aged and rustic feel.  You can use this effect all over the frame or in smaller areas to add interest.  If this effect is not what you want to go for, you could instead use lots of different scraps of paper and material to adorn the frame – choose scraps in your favourite colours and textures and glue them onto your photo frame.  Try gluing them to create a patchwork-like effect or you can always be a little more haphazard and less formal.  Experiment with different layouts before you glue them in place to see what works best.

When you have decided on a design and glued them in place, have a go at adding embellishments onto the frame – maybe using buttons, tassels, small beads – whatever you think adds to the design.

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