Ornamental Toad anyone? More useful than you might think!

I have to admit that my attitude towards Home Accessories is very relaxed and somewhat haphazard.  This wasn’t always the case as I used to shop in specific stores where the style is very organised and streamlined.  I don’t know whether it is due to the recent economic times and the idea that material possessions were part of a throwaway society.  If it had a scratch, dent or tear I would literally throw it out with the rubbish, whether it was an stained jumper or a broken kettle – never realising the idea that one person’s trash could be another person’s treasure.

I think the change in me had something to do with getting older and wiser to the benefits of recycling.  Freecycle is a fantastic resource to get rid of any unwanted items and the bonus is that you don’t even have to pay for the items to be taken away!  It’s also worth a look at the items offered too as some real finds can be hidden there – and won’t even cost you a penny to boot!

My less-wasteful views have also changed around the home, as well as the garden, and I think this occurred when my children were old enough to buy Christmas and birthday presents of their own choosing (albeit funded from the bank of mum and dad!).  During those first few years, the accompanying adult on the shopping trip in question would gently guide the children towards appropriate gifts which would complement the home and garden and be to my tastes.  However, in the last two years I have thrown caution to the wind and have let the kids make completely unsupervised purchases in an effort to afford them a little more independence as they get older.

Last year I acquired a porcelain toad for the garden (which scares off the neighbours cats) and a shower sponge in the shape of a pig which is the best exfoliating device I have ever used!  Other not-so-useful gifts have included a one-pan egg fryer and a dog door stop which is too light to stop our heavy doors from closing and also scares our house rabbit!

It doesn’t matter that some of the home accessories have not been exactly spot-on, my attitude certainly is and I look forward to the gifts to come and what the kids might find next.

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