Step Away from the Bar Code Zapper….

It’s a wonderful feeling when a wedding invite pops through the letterbox and you can go online to look at the list of lovely wedding gifts which the bride and groom-to-be hope to receive from their guests.

I myself had the chance to go ‘zapping’ in a well-known department store when my best friend recently got engaged.  ‘Zapping’ involves the bride and her chosen guests being treated very well (and plied with champagne) as you walk around the store using a hand-held scanner to scan the items that you would like added to your wedding gift list.  I have to say that our enthusiasm quickly waned after the first hour and several hours later we were still diligently scanning away, trying to see the light at the end of the checkout!

The champagne sounded like such a good idea at the start but we began to regret it towards the end when we were overly tired, more than a little cranky and with the addition of a couple of new blisters on our flip-flopped feet – the store should have probably warned us that trekking footwear would have been more appropriate!

So, a word of warning – accept any invitations to go zapping whole-heartedly, it’s great fun.  But dress for an air-conditioned atmosphere, wear walking boots and refuse the alcohol at all costs!

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