Can you tell the Season by looking out of the window today?

Due to the random climate of this wonderful country it is still possible to see tender young shoots pushing up through the soil from plants which should be preparing for the colder months ahead.  It’s always difficult to decide what should be done with any eager new seedlings desperate for a chance to grow – even if it is the dead of Winter!

It is worthwhile taking time to transplant them into smaller garden pots and bring them inside to place on your windowsill.  It may be that nothing comes of the tiny seedlings and the climate change is too much for them to survive – this happens to even the best of the gardening world.  On the flipside, you can expect times when your daylight is totally blocked out by the huge plants which can evolve from the tiny stalks which established mere weeks before.  Try to choose garden pots and planters which are in-keeping with the plant to which becomes its home: brightly coloured pots for daffodils and tulips through to warm, earthy tones for the more serious herbs and rose plants.

Enjoy bringing a little bit of the outdoors inside this season and see what you can cultivate in the comfort of your own home.

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