Shabby Chic Kitchen Ideas

To add a touch of style and create a shabby chic kitchen, you don’t need to update everything in sight – simply add a few items of shabby chic kitchen accessories.  There are many accessories available that will do the job; here are a few things that you should keep an eye out for.

Decorative Shabby Chic Kitchen Scales – Pick up a gorgeous pastel-coloured design to instantly add interest to your kitchen.  It will be something that is practical as well as good to look at so keep it on display rather than shut it away in the back of a cupboard somewhere.

Napkin Holder – how kitsch can you get?  Great to display as well as being very practical, especially for al-fresco eating.  Match with pretty patterned napkins to create a lovely pairing and use both indoors and out.

Vintage Egg Holder – you can go for one with a distressed metal effect, or one of the funky designs now available in many home stores.  Proudly show off on your worktop or make it the ultimate centre-piece for the breakfast table.  Remember, you don’t always have to fill it with eggs either – try fresh flowers or even candles.

Cookbook Stand – a great gift for the cook of the family; a space set aside purely for the latest book of recipes- what could be more indulgent than that?  Choose holders made from metal rather than a wooden one as they may warp with the heat and humidity of your kitchen.

There are so many other accessories that you can buy – the list is endless.  Photo frames and storage boxes are always good to have around as the range is enormous and you will always find bits and bobs which need a home.  Try out your local car boot sales, markets and any sale shelves in your favourite stores.  Don’t shy away from something which is a bit worn as this is all part of the shabby chic look and imperfections can add to the character of the accessory.

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