Reclaimed and Natural Wood Furniture from The Orchard

The Orchard are delighted to showcase their unique collection of reclaimed wood furniture – a delightful addition to their online range of beautiful and stylish homeware and gifts.  In their natural and reclaimed wood furniture section they have a delightfully rustic wooden trug.  This item is crafted from reclaimed wood and would make a great addition to your garden or equally a lovely present for the garden enthusiast in your life.

Many items can be made from reclaimed and natural wood, such as bowls and candle holders through to large dining tables and ornate dressers.  Each piece will differ slightly in the size and shape options as each item will be completely unique and its beautiful finish means that the finished article will look fantastic in any environment.

The Orchard have over 40 items listed under their natural and reclaimed wood section on the website so have a browse now at the selection currently available.  Don’t forget to check back regularly too as new items are being added all the time.

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