Start Planning your Garden Decoration now

Gardening may be simply a hobby for you or it may be a major part of your life – or even what you do for a living.  Once you have your plants sorted and any landscaping such as paving, grass and outbuildings worked out, it is time to have a think about garden decoration and those little touches which can really transform your outdoor space.

You will need to assess what look you are going for – small touches to accentuate areas or larger items which will create focal points around your garden.  Garden decorations can be used on fences, raised beds, both on the inside and outside of greenhouses and to add something a little extra to gazebos, arbours and decking areas.  Budget is a very important consideration when planning your garden and it may be worth thinking about saving and hanging on for just the right garden accessory, rather than settling for something which you think will look just ‘okay’.

Once you have an idea in mind of what you are going for, consider the type of materials that you want to showcase in your garden.  Garden decorations come in many forms and many different materials are used such as stainless steel, chrome, copper, and iron for a more industrial look, through to natural stone, clay, bamboo and glass which can create a different mood.  When thinking about the materials that you wish to use, consider how the colours will work within your garden and also which will fare better in the outdoor environment.

Some types of garden decoration can be used to hide areas rather than highlighting a feature, such as decorative panels which can add height and block out dark areas where nothing seems to grow.  Large rocks are also good for this purpose and can be easily dotted around to cover small blemishes in the lawn – but bear in mind the care needed when it comes to lawn-mowing!

So, whether you are looking for garden decorations to add something new or cover up something old, have a plan in mind of what you are looking for and get shopping!

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