What Story does your Reproduction Piece tell?

Many types of reproduction antique furniture exist in today’s market and Reproduction French Furniture is just one of the many options available to adorn your home at a very affordable price.  French furniture is incredibly steeped in the country’s history and has a sense of style running through each piece, with every ornate detail, and every carved cornice.

Reproduction French furniture can take inspiration from many eras of French history.  Ornate Gothic pieces arrived in the Medieval years with larger-than-life seating and tables moulded from French Oak.  This period also brought with it chunky carving which you can often see in reproduction pieces – usually in the form of religious scenes and symbols.  The Renaissance period brought with it a heavy Roman influence and much of the furniture actually resembled replica buildings in their ornate design.

Many eras and styles followed, each taking influence from political issues and reflecting it back into the homes of the French people.  The history of French furniture design is rich and an intriguing topic of research.  Each piece seems to have a story to tell and it can be as much fun finding out about the history of your piece as it is with owning it in your own home.

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