Grab Yourself an End of Summer Bargain

Before we know it we shall be sloping into Autumn, and it will herald the end of the Summer and the arrival of misty mornings and grey days ahead.  It is the time of year when you need to pack a jacket and umbrella with you when you go out and consign your flip-flops to the back of the wardrobe until the following year.  Battling each morning with the post-Summer traffic is not much fun but it’s worth looking to the positives in the form of the end-of-Summer sales and the perfect opportunity to buy some new garden furniture.

Everybody knows that garden furniture can cost a small fortune at the beginning of June when everyone looks forward to the Summer ahead and spending their time outdoors.  But, when the Summer draws to a close (and it seems to be getting earlier with each year that passes) many stores are reducing their stock to low, low prices in a bid to shift the end-of-season stock and make way for their Winter collections.

Firstly you should revisit any store where you saw something you liked back when the garden furniture was full-price, and see if these items have been reduced.  It’s may be worth asking the store manager if they are able to sell off any of the display stock at a discounted price as they will be needing to make space on the shop floor for new stock.  If you have no luck in-store, the internet is the place to go.  Type ‘Garden Furniture Sale’ into your search engine and you will be spoilt for choice from the results displayed east Inflatables.

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