Are you Guilty of Shabby Chic by Accident?

We all have our ‘home sins’, you know, the things that you cover up whenever you are expecting company but ordinarily wouldn’t care too much about.  Mine is the chipped paint on the corner of my lounge windowsill and I always push a chair up against it when the outlaws decide to pay us a visit.  To them is would be completely unacceptable and a sure sign that I am not taking care of their grandchildren’s home properly – to me, it’s a case of it not being a priority and the leaky shower and dodgy dining chair are definitely further up on the list of repair jobs!  We are all guilty I’m sure of trying to cover up imperfections in our homes when the occasion calls for it but I thank the interior designers above that shabby chic has come into vogue (and into my home) and my mismatched fabrics and scuffed windowsill now appear to be all the rage!.
It has saved me a small fortune on matching cushions when the puppy gets a little too playful with the soft furnishings, but it also looks very ‘me’ in a higgledy-piggledy fashion.  It’s bang on trend at the moment and so much more homely than matching the fabrics to the wall paints – like I ever had the time to be doing that anyway!

So, we can forget the uniformity and high gloss of a show home and get creative with colours and patterns.  In fact, I didn’t just stop there but decided to get creative – with a hammer – and started distressing the furniture that had seen better days.  Add a bit of character to your home with the shabby chic and stop making those excuses to visitors once and for all!

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