The Wedding Gift Dilemma

What wedding gift do you get for today’s modern couple?  Most will have been living together before the big day, they may have children already and some couples will not be doing the vow-exchange for the first time even.  You can always play it safe and stick to the wedding gift list which accompanies the invite and buy something according to the happy couple’s wishes, knowing that it is something that they want, but that can feel a bit boring and you may feel the need to go offline and find something a little bit more special.  Although it’s impossible to suggest exactly the right gift maybe, it’s somewhat easier to tell you what not to buy…

Buying specifically for either the bride or the groom should be avoided.  Even if you are the bride’s best friend it is still looked upon as a bad idea to buy her a handbag and ignore the groom completely.  Look at it from the other side – if the groom’s mates bought him a season ticket for his favourite footy team it would not go down well with his bride-to-be!

Personalised gifts sound like a good idea on paper but it gives the newlyweds zero chance of returning the gift it if isn’t to their taste.  Let’s face it, too-big ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ Honeymoon slippers monogrammed with their initials are a bit useless.

Re-gifting is a total no-no.  Never, ever re-wrap that bedside lamp that your friend gave you two years ago because it wasn’t your style and didn’t match your bedroom at all.  The chances are it was probably the friend who is now getting married, and she will remember spending an hour choosing out what she thought was the perfect gift for you!  No amount of money-saving will be worth the humiliation when she confronts you on her return from honeymoon!

Very specific gifts should also be avoided – no more so than if it relates to one of the bride or groom’s hobbies or pastimes.  Someone who knows nothing about football should never purchase memorabilia from the couple’s team – you will get it wrong every time, so unless you are knowledgeable on the matter or the wedding gift has been specifically requested, leave well alone.

Now you know what not to do, you are left with the very tricky task of finding the right gift for the happy couple.  Sometimes it really may be better to stick with the list and get them a Denby teacup after all!

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