Give your Home a Touch of French Shabby Chic

French-inspired furniture and furnishings which are not actually as old as they look, but rather designed to look much older than they are, are known as French Shabby Chic.

Currently bang on trend in homes, scuffed paintwork and beautifully patterned fabrics turn a house into a home with a lived-in feel.  It looks thrown-together and rustic in its appearance and, if done right, the end result not only looks elegant but it can help the environment too through the recycling of old furniture; giving it a new lease of life with a coat of paint or two and some sandpaper.

The French twist to the standard shabby chic comes from taking inspiration from French Chateaus with oversized pieces of worn furniture, gilded framed mirrors and French linen fabric accents peppered throughout in the form of cushions and curtains.  And if a seven-foot antique French mirror might look out of place above your fireplace, a more modern smaller version might be just perfect.  It is important to take inspiration from what you  love and then adapt it to suit your own home.  Before you know it you will be channelling the French shabby chic style to utter perfection!

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