Garden Accessories for your Home this Summer

Garden Pots and Planters set off garden shows with a riot of colour and design and are often overlooked amongst the stunning blooms and arrangements on display.

Gorgeous Spanish-style flowerpot holders designed to attach flowerpots to walls, pergolas, trellis and wherever else you can think of are a fantastic idea.  Stone troughs contrast amazingly with vibrant blooms of every colour of the rainbow and eco-friendly wicker planters can create a natural organic concept which can run through your garden theme.

Pots are so useful in the garden and can range in size from tiny ‘egg-cup’ varieties through to vast planters which can house gigantic banana trees bursting out from every angle imaginable.  Textures are important to consider too and can be used to blend in, contrast and even reflect their surroundings – in the form of mirrored garden pots and planters.  Also let’s not forget the home growers with potato barrels, tomato planters and raised vegetable beds with fruit and vegetables spilling out of them in vibrant colours with aromas to match.

Whatever concept you are aiming for with your garden, don’t forget that it’s the little touches which can make all the difference so get down to your local garden centre and have a look at the garden pots and planters on sale now.

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