Get Crafty and Decorate your Garden this Summer

No Summer Garden Party would be complete without some wonderful handmade bunting to adorn your garden and get everybody into the party mood.  It is the must-have garden decoration of the season and is unbelievably simple to make.  You will need some needle and thread, binding tape, some material scissors and fabric of your choice (small oddments of material are great for this craft project).  Once you have assembled your items, you are ready to begin.

Draw a triangle on a piece of card which will be the basic template for your bunting.  You can make this any size that you wish but bear in mind the amount of fabric you have to work with and how long you want your bunting to be.  Then simply pin the template onto a piece of your fabric and cut around the card to leave you with your first triangle.  Do this as many times as you want to give you enough triangles.

Decide on the length of your bunting and cut a piece of binding tape to size.  Then pin all of your pre-cut triangles along the tape, spacing evenly as you go, and pin the triangles into place.  Once this is done you can sew your bunting pieces onto the binding tape, remembering to leave a length of tape at either end to tie up.  Voila – a unique bunting all ready for your garden event!

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