The Gardener’s Guide to Shabby Chic

If you are anything like me then you are eagerly awaiting the start of Spring and the warmer climate that comes with it.  Yes, we know that the warmer days are peppered with the odd downpour but at least the snow finally appears to have left us for the time being!  Look around and you’ll probably be able to see the daffodils which are springing up on the motorway verges and I had my first peep of bluebells in the garden just last weekend.  Now that the gardens are beginning to bloom we can even let ourselves dream of the smell of barbeques which will soon be filling the evening air!  So, with everything in our garden springing into life, we can’t let our old plastic garden sets let down the summery feel that our homes have taken on.  Now is the best time to splash out a little and treat yourselves to some gorgeous new shabby chic garden furniture.

Maybe a wrought iron loveseat is just the thing that your garden is missing this year, or maybe it’s time to revamp all of your outdoor living furniture and purchase a gorgeous shabby chic furniture set.  Old railway sleepers make a great seating choice and are able transform your garden with an interesting focal point.  If you are after shabby chic accents for your garden rather that a new look overhaul, there is a huge supply of bird feeders, garden mirrors, ornate sundials and other great shabby chic accessories online.

A piece of shabby chic look in your garden will complement your home – it’s just unfortunate that we can’t guarantee the weather too!

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