The Wedding Gift Dilemma!

Buying a wedding gift for newlyweds used to be a lot more straightforward!  Modern couples now have most of what they need before they decide to tie the knot as a lot of them will already be living together before walking down the aisle.  This means that most basics are therefore taken care of and you are no longer buying things which will help them set up their first home together.  This can be problematic in one way but an upside is that you are not obliged to buy something practical anymore and can instead buy beautiful presents instead – not serving any purpose other than looking good!  This modern way of buying wedding gifts is surely aimed at women buying for the bride.

If you have been invited as a guest to a wedding, you want to be sure to give a gift that will be appreciated by the new couple.  The difficulty as a gift-bearer is to choose the right gift for the right recipient.  If you are considering cookware you need to be careful.  Firstly, it is expensive and can lack in the ‘looks’ department.  It is also practical, practical, practical….as little boring in other words!   Picture frames are also a little on the dull side – unless you populate it with a flattering shot of the bride and groom which you know that they will love. Gift vouchers are lazy so stay away unless they are specifically requested by the happy couple.

The right gift should be personal to the couple – not just aimed at either the bride or the groom.  Try to make your gift relevant to their new lives together as a Mr and Mrs – pay attention to colour schemes in their home and pick something that fits in with it.  Avoid items which are on sale where you can – the price tag will sway your decision and you could end up with something because it was the right price, not necessarily the right gift.  The last rule is to try and buy when you have time to leisurely browse the shops – if you try to shop for a wedding gift in your lunch hour, the gift will usually reflect this – and not in a positive light!

Happy hunting for that perfect wedding gift!

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