The Shabby Chic Kitchen – nice as Pie!

So, is the shabby chic kitchen a trend that you’ll be wanting to follow anytime soon?  Is the style tres chic or just hoards of junk?  If you feel that it is most definitely up your street then your kitchen revamped into a shabby chic tribute will make it feel homely and add character to make your kitchen one of a kind.

Whether you are attracted by kitsch retro designs or sumptuous textures in your fabrics, you can mix and match to create a look that is totally unique and as shabby chic as you want!  There’s something whimsical and romantic about a room adorned with loved bits and pieces, a mish-mash of colour and pattern – something like you would have seen in your grandma’s house while growing up.  Add the aroma of an apple pie in the oven and a discarded apron on the worktop and you feel like you’ve gone back a few decades.  It feels warmer, homely and – most of all – very welcoming.

Enjoy creating the shabby chic kitchen in your own home and give your visitors a little trip back in time when they next pop in for a slice of that wonderful apple pie!

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