Reclaim your Design Style

Reclaimed wood furniture is the ultimate in eco-aware design.  When this unique pieces are put in the hands of a trained craftsman, it can produce a piece of furniture akin to a work of art and can create a wonderful focal point in any room of your home. 

Each piece of reclaimed wood furniture will have been made from wood anywhere up to hundreds of years old, which makes it a piece of history in itself.  Don’t be put off by any marks, holes or indentations as these will only add to the charm of owning some of this fascinating furniture.  These blemishes are not altered by artificial fillers as it is important that the wood is left in its original condition.  This also means that the piece will change over time, depending on its use – a reclaimed wood dining table will benefit from years of scratches and dents made by cutlery, not diminish in value because of it.  A piece of truly natural furniture is striking in its design and The Orchard Home and Gifts has many examples of this online.  Their ‘Heart Hall Storage Bench’ is just perfect for shoes, bags and umbrellas that usually lie abandoned in our hallways.  They also have a great collection of reclaimed wooden photo frames at a very reasonable price. 

Because a piece of reclaimed wood furniture can never be mass produced, you will be sure of having a completely individual look in your home which will last you for many years to come.

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