Garden Furniture For Your Family

You go through phases of family life where you need different types of garden furniture to suit your life at various stages.  When you have small ones about, it’s definitely a case of what can be maintained the easiest and doesn’t cause too much damage when a toddler is just the right height to bump their heads on the corners!  At this stage, it is usually a case of buying a cheaper plastic or resin garden set which you can leave out in all weathers and throw away when it starts to get really tatty.  You will then probably progress onto a wooden garden furniture set where the kids are old enough to know that wood plus head does not mix too well and you can easily maintain the wood with a lick of preservative once a year.  But what comes next once the kids are a little more grown and you want something a bit nicer to put in your garden?  Look no further than the stunning blue and white ceramic designs currently available at all good furniture store outlets.  Most are set in a beautiful iron framework and, combined with the aged blue and white ceramic design, creates a stunning look for your garden.  Almost antique in design, the range will bring a little bit of old-style glamour into any garden or patio area.  Mix and match with modern pieces to create a bespoke garden look – hanging lanterns to light up your seating area look great at night, as do hurricane lamps and tea-light holders dotted around the ground.  Experiment with different looks to create something that’s unique with the gorgeous ceramic furniture as the focal point.

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