Shabby Chic…from Milan to the High Street

As well as embracing shabby chic in our home, it now appears that we can display the trend on the High Street with shabby chic inspired clothing.  Catwalks all over the world were showing signs of boho-chic in last year’s collections and there was even a news-worthy story in the form of model Miranda Kerr swapping her haute couture look for some dressed down shabby chic as daywear.  Well, if it’s good enough for Miss Kerr… 

I then stumbled across the Boho Bride website which celebrates all things with a vintage bridal twist.  Further Googling revealed it as one of many new websites popping up to celebrate all things with a shabby twist.  And it’s not just the clothing that gets the shabby treatment, many brides-to-be are economising by making their own bespoke bouquets, place setting and table arrangements, all befitting of this gorgeous design genre – and saving money to boot!  It’s also one of those trends which shouldn’t just be created on your special day but can be displayed throughout the year in your home and reflected in gifts which you give to your loved ones.  Stand out from the crowd by having a piece of unique shabby chic art – you can even get away with telling people it’s designer as nobody will have anything quite like it.  If you a little lacking in the creativity department, have a look at craft magazine or go online to browse shabby chic websites to get ideas for your new creation.  If that is still pushing your boundaries, there are many wonderful shabby chic stores to purchase everything from small home accessories through to large pieces of shabby chic furniture. 

Have a browse online now and see what you can find.

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