Is French Shabby Chic For You?

Is French Shabby Chic Furniture the right style choice for your home?  Answer the next few questions and find out.      

Do you love chintzy fabrics and patterns and adore different textures and designs?If it’s a yes, then you’ll adore the French shabby chic furniture collections currently in trend.

Do you hate seeing furniture that looks like it needs a fresh lick of paint?
If it’s a yes then it’s probably best to pop along to your local mass-produced furniture store to find a new piece of furniture instead.  The shabby chic design is all about pieces of French furniture which are loved and look like they’ve been passed down through generations.  

Do you have a love of ornate pieces of furniture with lots of carved detailing?
A yes means that an item of French shabby chic furniture could be just what you are looking for.

Are you a fan of beech and chrome?
If you’ve answered yes then step away from the French shabby chic now!  High gloss and high maintenance are a no-no when it comes to this style.  No more daily polishing to remove grubby handprints from a stainless steel surface, shabby chic is all about a homely feel and not a clinical one!

If you are still unsure about the feel of this type of design, Google ‘French Shabby Chic Furniture’ and select images to view.  This will give you a brief overview about the types of furniture and accessories on offer.  Alternatively, have a look at one of the specialist stores who trade in this type of design, such as and have a look at what’s on offer.

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