The Pro’s and Con’s of your Kitchen Design

Shabby Chic Vs Modern Kitchen Design is a hot debate and depends on your decorating style.

Pros for a Shabby Chic Kitchen:

Feels very homely and lived-in.  You can mix and match favourite colours and fabrics as much as you like as the busier it looks, the better the overall effect.  You can have pretty, chintzy items on display – favourite things from childhood, knick-knacks that you have accumulated over the years can all make your shabby chic kitchen come to life; you don’t have to throw away items that don’t ‘go’.  You also don’t have to worry about the odd dent or scratch in your kitchen cupboards or worktops as this is all part of the feel of shabby chic.  A beautiful old Aga, enough said.

Cons for a shabby chic kitchen:

Can look very haphazard to someone who prefers streamlined design – you have to be a go-with-the-flow type and surrender to the mis-matchedness of it all.  Can take a bit of work to get the right balance between nicely chic and too busy.  If you are creating the look yourself, you may need to put a bit of effort into painting and distressing the kitchen units.  It won’t look like a  show home of this is the look that you are going for.

Pros for a Modern Kitchen:

Streamlined design, clean lines, sparkling worktops and lots of stainless steel and chrome – your kitchen will look like it’s from the pages of a magazine.  Modern gadgets will usually be more efficient, quieter and have guarantees against damage or failure.  Great big multi-ovens that can fit the whole Christmas dinner into all at the same time.  Increased selling value should you come to sell your home – kitchens and bathrooms are the most expensive rooms in the house to update.

Cons for a Modern Kitchen:

The expense!  Especially in times of a recession, it is hard to have a shiny modern kitchen on a small budget.  The cleaning time compared to a shabby chic kitchen will be much longer thanks to all the glass/chrome and steel which needs sticky marks wiped off.  Kitchens that are too modern can run the risk of feeling quite clinical and aren’t as family friendly for very young children.

So, pros and cons for both but ultimately the decision is yours as to which style your prefer.  Just remember that a kitchen is an investment so make sure that you either choose a design that you can live with for years to come or select something that it easily changeable if the need arises.

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