Decorating your Garden through Winter

Don’t forget your garden at this festive time of year as it’s a fantastic space to decorate.  Christmas Garden Decorations are prominent in garden centres across the country as we try to decide between the understated fairy lights to adorn large trees or the all-singing, all-dancing (literally!) reindeers to festoon the lawn.  Lights are the choice of many as they add a bit of interest without going down the animated Santa route.  You can choose between the simple plain lights or flashing designs depending on the feel that you are going for.  Wind lights around garden structures such as a child’s play equipment or a greenhouse to add interest – it’ll give them a whole new dimension at Christmastime.  Even ribbons tied around tree trunks and branches will add something a little bit special.

Aside from illuminations, there are many other garden decorations which you may wish to consider.  The popular ‘Santa Stop Here’ posts are always a safe bet for households with small children and front door wreaths can be seen in abundance along most streets.  Then there is also the DIY option of creating your very own garden decorations and even bringing them inside to display.  Pinecones that are collected and sprayed in gold or silver make great tree decorations.  Other evergreen plants can also dry and colour well and will last the holiday period.  These homemade decorations needn’t be confined to the tree alone as they will also work well as a table centrepiece or scattered in or around a fireplace.  At this time of year it is great fun to experiment with different things from the garden so that it serves us year-round. 

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