Natural Wood Furniture from The Coffee Root Tree

The Orchard are pleased to offer their unique collection of Coffee Tree Root natural wood pieces of home decor.  Each item is crafted from the roots of a Coffee Tree and handmade by village co-operatives in Bali from sustainable natural materials.  Some varieties of coffee tree can grow to twenty-three feet tall and ten feet across with up to three foot trunks and the unique natural wood ornaments that The Orchard offer are made from this almighty plant.

There are many things which can be made from this unusual natural wood, such as bowls and candle holders.  The bowls are available in many sizes and each will differ slightly in the size and shape options as each piece will be completely unique.  Larger pieces of natural wood furniture can be made out of the tree and its beautiful  finish means that the pieces made from it will look fantastic in any environment. 

The coffee tree root may not be widely recognised as a material for carving just yet, but it’s unique finish and interesting history means that it may become the wood of choice for future designs.

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