Gardening Tasks for the Winter

It’s finally hit November so now is the time to think about packing away your garden furniture for the Winter and doing all of those last minute gardening jobs before the big freeze.

With plastic garden furniture, maintenance is simple and the most that they need is a good wipe down with a wet sponge to take off any residue.  It is a good idea to pack away plastic furniture if at all possible and store in a garage or garden shed over the colder months as plastic is still prone to damage against the elements.  With wooden furniture, now is a good time to give it a bit of a clean and maybe even give it a lick of protective varnish to restore it to its pre-Spring glory and save you a job for next year.

If you are lacking in storage solutions, it is always a good idea to buy (or make) a furniture cover to protect your table and chairs.  Made from tarpaulin, it will stand up to frosts and heavy rain.  Just make sure that your cover is firmly secured as a strong wind can turn a loose cover into a kite quite easily!

After the furniture is secure, it’s time to drag out the lawnmower for the final time (we hope), pull out any stubborn weeds and generally have a good tidy up.  If you are looking forward to Spring flowers, plant your bulbs now.  Keep the broom handy though as these next few weeks will mean that leaves continuously fall down and muddy feet constantly trample by.  As soon as the first snowflakes begin to fall you will rejoice in the knowledge that the garden is all set – let’s just hope that the Winter doesn’t last too long this time!

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