Shabby Chic Project – Metal Planter

To turn an old metal planter into a gorgeous piece of Shabby Chic design, follow these simple instructions below:

1.  Brush some PVA glue all over the planter and attach scrap piece of old newspaper – in a papier-mâché fashion.  You don’t have to worry about being too careful with the paper in its format as you will be painting over it when dry.  You will need to leave it to dry for at least a couple of hours, preferably somewhere warm such as an airing cupboard.

2.  When dry you have two options:  if you like the newspaper design you can gloss over it with some clear varnish or you can paint over the print with a colour of your choice to transform its design completely.  It may need a couple of coats if you are going for the colour option so make sure it dries thoroughly between coats.

3.  When completely dry and you are happy with the coverage you can design in any fashion that you like.  Small scraps of chintzy fabric tied onto the sides looks fabulous or even dried flowers and leaves varnished into the pattern can look great.

4.  When you are completely happy with your design, a clear coat of gloss or varnish over the top will seal everything nicely and protect it from damage.  Any fabrics and ribbons should be added after this stage to finish it off.

And there you have it, a gorgeous piece of shabby chic for your home or garden.

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