Wedding Gift Survival Guide

It can be really tricky to get the right wedding gift nowadays.  You could always stick to the list that comes with the invite and know that you’re getting something that the bride and groom want but sometimes that just feels a bit boring and you feel the need to go offline and source something a little bit special.  Although it’s difficult to suggest what exactly the right gift maybe, it’s pretty easy to tell you what not to buy…

Re-gifting is a no-no.  Do not under any circumstances re-wrap that casserole dish that a friend gave you last year but you never got round to using.  Chances are it was probably the friend that is now getting married and she’ll remember exactly what she gave you for your birthday!  No amount of penny-pinching is worth the mortified look that you will have on your face when she returns from honeymoon.

Personalised gifts might sound like a great idea but it gives the newlyweds no chance of returning it if they don’t like it.  Kind of great if you are the gift-giver and you think they should appreciate what they are being given – not so great as the receiver of a pair of too small bathroom robes with initials on the breast pockets!

Very specific gifts should also be avoided at all costs – especially if it relates to the bride or groom’s hobby or pastime.  A golf novice should not purchase a new club because she know that the groom likes to play.  The scope for getting it wrong is vast so unless you are knowledgeable on the matter, leave well alone.

This also ties in with ‘buying for one or the other’.  You are the bride’s best mate but it is considered bad form to buy her a pair of shoes and ignore the groom’s needs entirely.  Rubbish rule, but necessary unfortunately.

So, you know what not to do, now you are left with the task of finding something right for the happy couple.  Sometimes it really is better to just stick with the list and get them a Denby dinner plate after all!

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