The Real Deal

There are many advantages and disadvantages of real wood furniture over veneered pieces.  Here are a few things to think about when deciding whether real wood furniture is right for your home.

With real wood furniture, all exposed parts are made from natural wood, with no cheaper cuts of wood such as MDF or plywood.  High on the list of advantages for real wood is it’s practicality.  The durability of real wood furniture is second to none so any scratches, watermarks or dents and stains can be easily repaired. One disadvantage with real wood furniture is that, due to its natural state, it is liable to expand and contract.  If it expands too much, it can cause a split along the grain of the wood.  A preventative measure is to ensure that all real wood pieces are kept out of any direct heat sources and sunlight.  Real wood pieces of furniture tend to be more expensive than the more economic veneered items.  Veneer is much thinner than real wood (accounted for in the cheaper price tag) which makes it prone to damage and limits it’s repair when it gets scuffed and marked.

Once you have decided upon a budget for your furniture, you may decided it is worth investing in a real wood piece which will last for years to come or prefer to buy veneered furniture which you may have to replace more frequently.

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