Boutique Hotels Showcasing Reproduction French Furniture

Reproduction French Furniture is big in boutique hotels at the moment.  Typically designed in mahogany and painted in  gold, white or black, pieces include grand sleigh beds, ornate chests of drawers and bedside cabinets and wardrobes. 

Boutique hotels are renowned for their style and charm.  The design and architecture of boutique hotels attract customers who are looking for somewhere special to stay and the furniture forms a big part of the look of these unique places to stay.  Boutique hotels are known for their individuality and are far from the typical larger hotel chains which cater for the masses.  Reproduction French Furniture chosen for a specific theme in a hotel will add to its authenticity as somewhere just that little bit different.

There will always be a market for the super-chains catering for the businessman and his need for a bed for the night but, when you are looking for something a bit special, it’s fantastic to curl up into a rustic French sleigh bed for the night in one of the many boutique hotels that are on offer.

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