The Unwritten Rules of Wedding Gift Buying

Buying the happy couple a wedding gift stems from the tradition of purchasing something to help the newlyweds set up their first home together.  The more modern coupling means that the bride and groom more often than not live together before they marry which means that most basics are taken care of.  The upshot of modern relationships means that, rather than buying practical items for the home, we can buy beautiful ones instead – not because they serve any purpose but just because they look pretty!  Indeed, the new way of buying a wedding gift is definitely aimed at women buying for the bride – the groom seems to have lucked out along the way somehow…

As someone invited as a guest to the wedding, you want to give a lovely gift that will be appreciated and cherished by the new couple (okay, bride!)  The difficulty as gift-bearer is to choose exactly the right gift for the recipient.  Cookware – no matter how pretty – can give the message of ‘please try harder in the kitchen’ when you are actually just trying to get an extra batch of those fabulous choc chip cookies you had on the last girl’s night in.   A framed picture of you and the bride-to-be screams ‘don’t choose a man over me’ when you just want her to have a memento of that Friday night in Crete.  Gift vouchers are just plain lazy, steer clear at all costs. 

Keep your gift personal by giving her something that you know she would love, and not something that you yourself would love to receive.  Make your gift relevant to her new life as a Mrs – pay attention to colour schemes in her home and pick something that fits in.  Stay away from sale items – the price tag will lead you astray and convince you that its very right when it’s oh-so-wrong.  The last rule to follow is to buy when you have time to browse the shops – shopping for a wedding gift is not something which should be done in a lunch hour.  Keep these points in mind when you next have a wedding gift to shop for and you’ll hopefully come up with the perfect gift,  If all else fails, the receipt in a sealed envelope accompanying the gift is never a bad idea!

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