Shabby Chic with a French Accent!

French Shabby Chic style can be explained as French-inspired worn and distressed items which are not actually as old as they look, but rather designed to look much older than they are!

Very popular in large country homes, the peeling paintwork and chintzy-style decor add to that lived-in feel and can help to make a house into more of a home.  Although haphazard and rustic in its appearance, if done right, the end result is one of opulence and elegance – and can even help the environment too through recycling old furniture and giving it a new lease of life with a few coats of paint and the help of some sandpaper!

The French twist to the standard shabby chic look takes inspiration from the French Chateaus with grand pieces of worn furniture, large distressed gilded framed mirrors and fabric accents in the form of French linens used for sumptuous cushions and oversized drapes.  Although a seven-foot high antique French piece might look a bit out of place above your fireplace (!) a modern smaller version might be just what your home needs.  The idea is to take inspiration and adapt it to suit your home environment.  Before you know it you will be channelling the French shabby chic style to perfection!

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