Guilty of a few Imperfections?

Ever hidden the chipped paint on the corner of the windowsill with an over-sized chair pushed up against it?  Yes, we have all been guilty of trying to cover up imperfections in our homes when people come to visit!  Thank goodness that the age of shabby chic is upon us with its mismatched fabrics and more than a hint of peeling paint on the furniture.

Not only does it save us a small fortune on matching crockery sets when we inevitably break one of the plates in our matching set, but it also looks fabulous in a higgledy-piggledy fashion.  Bang on trend and so much more homely than matching the fabrics to the wall paints – seriously, does anyone actually have the time to do that?

So, forget the matchy-matchy uniformity of a show home and get creative with colour, pattern and anything else you can think of.  In fact, why stop at just going with the flow when you can get creative – and a hammer – and start distressing the furniture that you already have.  Add a bit of character to your home and let loose with the shabby chic.

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