It’s There in Black and White!

If you are anything like me then if it’s not written down, it usually doesn’t happen.  Things not added to the shopping list as soon as I think of them are destined never to make it into my fridge and the amount of paper lists I have lost or thrown away by mistake are endless.  The solution?  A home accessory in the form of a chalkboard which now takes pride of place on my kitchen wall.

Big enough to scribble notes as I remember them yet not too big that it dominates the feature wall, it’s the perfect place to keep things visible that I need to remember.  Initially used purely for those food items that I didn’t want to leave off the shopping list, it now doubles up as a diary reminder for important dates and scribbles telling me what day the various kid’s activities fall on.  In between using it as an extension to my mental notepad, the aforementioned kids usually add their own additions in the form of  stick-versions of mum and dad and pleas for a pet dog alongside sad-looking versions of themselves.  And, being a chalkboard, the emotional blackmail is easily solved with a few wipes of the chalkboard eraser! 

Simple, stylish, yet a godsend if you’re trying to stay organised, a kitchen chalkboard is the new must-have home accessory of the moment.

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