Go Off-Road with the Wedding Gift List

Am I the only person to admit that I can’t stand wedding giftlists?  They are all the same – I mean, how many steak knives can one married couple need in their lifetime!  I do the obligatory reading through the wish list of D crockery (which should always allow an extra set in case of marital plate-throwing) and the all-in-one mixer/blender/juicer which shall remain at the back of the kitchen cupboard for the rest of time.  Then there’s the colapsable collander, silicon spatulas and – my personal favourite – travel vouchers for the honeymoon.  Believe me, any money going towards a holiday is going to result in me lying on a beach and not my friend and her new husband!

No, be brave and ignore the practical gift list and go for something beautiful which will remind the bride and groom of their wedding and will take pride of place in their home for years to come.  Think along the lines of an antique-style photo frame sitting on the beside table capturing the moment the new bride and groom shared their first kiss.  Maybe I’m just a romantic at heart but I just can’t bring myself to buy a slow cooker which will never see the light of day.  Be different when it comes to your wedding gift and it will be appreciated so much more.

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